Compendium of Radical Feminist Resources (en anglais)

A Massive Compendium of Radical Feminist Resources:

This is a compendium of Radical Feminist Resources in many different media (books, websites, blogs, videos, social media, etc.). I have tried to collect some of the most significant radical feminist resources. Many of the resources listed (e.g. some websites and blogs) link to many other resources: be sure to follow the links.

How do we define Radical Feminism?
One view: (see blog for Parts 2 through 4)

Another view, from : “Radical Feminist theory analyses the structures of power which oppress the female sex. Its central tenet is that women as a biological class are globally oppressed by men as a biological class.” (See the link for the rest of the definition: it goes on for several paragraphs).

Another view:

Massive Hubs of Radical Feminist Resources:
Feminist Reprise: (“Feminist Reprise is a site dedicated to the preservation and circulation of fundamental theoretical writing on radical feminism, and to the support of individuals, groups and organizations worldwide who fight for the human rights of female people.”) (Contains links to an enormous number of resources).

RadFem Library: (This is a downloadable Zipfile with hundreds of academic articles on subjects related to radical feminism and a few books. This is a massive resource).

Rain and Thunder: Radical Feminist/Feminist Resources:

RadFem Central: The Latest in Radical Feminism: (constantly updated collection of blog posts, YouTube videos, Tumblz, Twitter posts, etc.)

RadFem Hub (archive):

RadFem Central-Articles:

RadFem Reader:

Chicago Women’s Liberation Union HERSTORY PROJECT:

Magdalen Berns’ YouTube Channel:
RadFem News Service:
Women’s Liberation Radio News podcast:
Feminist Current podcast:
Women’s History:
Film and Art:
Chicago Feminist Film Festival:
Why « Ring of Keys » Was the One Song Fun Home’s Creator Didn’t Want to Write:
Dykes to Watch Out For:
Women Make Movies:
CHOICE: Then & Now Series:
Tidal Time:
Bedazzled Ink:
A Midsummer Nights Press:
Ism press books:
Books (including some PDFs of books in full):
List of Books by Lesbian Writers of Color:
The Complete Works of Andrea Dworkin,
Catharine A. MacKinnon, Toward a Feminist Theory of the State, (PDF)
All books and articles by Catharine A. MacKinnon: Faculty Bio listing her works here:
RadFem Reading List (with some links):
List of popular Radical Feminism titles on Goodreads:
List of books on Black Feminist theory on
Collins, Patricia Hill, Black Feminist Thought: Knowledge, Consciousness, and the Politics of Empowerment. (New York: Routledge, 1990).
Female Erasure,
Goodreads list of Second Wave Feminism books: (available
Louise Pennington, A Room of Our Own: An Anthology of Feminist and Womanist Writers (available on
Bisexuality: A Critical Reader:
Delusions of Gender & Testosterone Rex [psychology; brain sex; gender critical]:
The Disappearing L [lesbianism, women’s music festivals, gender critical; lesbian culture; women’s herstory]:
Key Women Writers on Feminist Theory, 17th Century to Today:
Marxists Internet Archive Library of Feminist Writers: (with links to some works)
Verso Books,
Google, Radical Feminist Books:
Silvia Federici, The Caliban and the Witch:
Mary Daly’s Intergalactic Wickedary of the English Language:
Denise Thompson, Radical Feminism Today
Radical Feminist Articles:
RadFem Library: (This is a downloadable Zipfile with hundreds of academic articles on subjects related to radical feminism and a few books. This is a massive resource).
Spare Rib enters the digital age: all 239 editions of the landmark feminist magazine published online for the first time:
“Lesbian Feminism and the Gay Rights Movement: Another View of Male Supremacy, Another Separatism,” By Marilyn Frye, from Politics of Reality: essays in feminist theory (Crossing Press, 1983):
“Let them eat text: The real politics of postmodernism » by Karla Mantilla, FROM: off our backs, August/September 1999, V.29; N.8 p. 7, Word Count: 2852:
Feminist Perspectives on Objectification, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy:
Adrienne Rich, Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence,
Elizabeth Hungerford, Sex Is Not Gender,
Julian Vigo, The Invisible Woman: Gender Identity in the Age of Neoliberalism:
Dr. Cheryl van Daalen-Smith, Whispers and Roars: A Feminist Analysis of the Anesthetization of Girls’ Anger:
Rebecca Reilly-Cooper, Gender Is Not a Spectrum:
Ariel Levy, Lesbian Nation,
Anne Koedt “Lesbianism and Feminism”
Radical Lesbian Feminists. “Political Lesbian Mythbusting.”
The Sexual Liberals and the Attack on Feminism:
Carrie Hull, The Ontology of Sex,,172722299.pdf
Ellen Willis, Identity Crisis,
Ree Walker, The Black Woman’s « Women’s March » Problem: It Ain’t Just White Folks:
“Woman as an Inventor » (1883) by Matilda Joslyn Gage:
Matilda Joslyn Gage’s speech at the National Woman’s Rights Convention, 1852:
Intersectionality Is Not a Safety Pin:
This is Why We Have Women-Only Spaces,
Denise Thompson, Against the Dismantling of Feminism: A Study in the Politics of Meaning:
Feminist Blogs, Websites, and Journals:
Lesbian Connection Magazine (free monthly magazine)
Black Feminisms:
The Feminist Ezine:
Rain and Thunder:
Feminist Current:
Feminist Reading Group:
Sheila Jeffreys:
Julie Bindel:
“More Radical With Age,” The personal blog of Rebecca-Reilly Cooper: Her important “Sex and Gender: A Beginner’s Guide,” is here:
Phyllis Chesler:
Robin Morgan:
Nikki Craft:
Terri Strange:
Cathy Brennan:
Gail Dines:
Janice Raymond:
Diana E. H. Russell:
Susan Brownmiller:
Judy Chicago
Staceyann Chin:
Claire Heuchan:
Andrea Dworkin:
Gerda Lerner:
Carol Hanisch:
Merle Hoffman:
Sarah Ditum:
Female Erasure,
Deep Green Resistance:
Feministes Radicales:
Meeting Ground, on-line journal by Carol Hanisch and Kathy Scarbrough:
Website of Denise Thompson, feminist theorist:
Big Mouth Girl:
Women’s Liberation Radio News:
WoLF: Women’s Liberation Front:
Rise Up!, a digital archive of feminist activism in Canada from the 1970s to the 1990s:
Elemental Witch:
Womennation: Also: (Russian website)
Sisterhood is Powerful:
Trouble and Strife:
Listening to Lesbians:
Big Boo Butch:
Lost Womyn’s Space:
Radical Feminist YouTube videos:
She’s Beautiful when She’s Angry (award-winning and critically acclaimed film directed by Mary Dore): Trailer at Website here:
Some American Feminists (1980): (Documentary about the second wave of feminism, with interviews with Ti-Grace Atkinson, Rita Mae Brown, Betty Friedan, Margo Jefferson, Lila Karp and Kate Millett)
“Lefties: Angry Wimmin,” (BBC documentary on Radical Feminism):
Sheila Jeffries on Kate Millet (part 1):
Documentary on Women’s Liberation Movement:
BabyradfemTV: (huge collection)
Magdalen Berns’ YouTube Channel:
Critically Examining the doctrine of gender identity,
The End of Gender: Revolution, Not Reform | Deep Green Resistance,
Deep Green Resistance – Liberal vs Radical Part 1 of 3,
Mary Daly Reads from Wickedary 1987,
Betty McLellan: “Radical Feminist Speech – Loud, Bold, Fair”:
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, We Should All Be Feminists:
The Burning Times (documentary),
Big Boo Butch:
Sonia Johnson, Going Farther Out of Our Minds, Part 1:
RadFem and Feminist Organizations:
Equality Now:
Stop Patriarchy (anti porn mostly, pro abortion too):
Women’s Liberation Front:
Deep Green Resistance, radfem FAQs:
Vancouver Women’s Library (Canada):
Radfem Collective (UK):
Womens Grid (UK):
Rise Up Feminist Archive (Canada):
Lesbian Herstory Archive:
Chicago Women’s Liberation Union Herstory Project:
Veteran Feminists of America (for 2nd wave feminists, not veterans lol):
Feminist Philosophers:
How Pornography Hurts Women and Girls:
Not a Love Story: A Film About Pornography (classic documentary):
Fight the New Drug:
Gail Dines’ website:
Gail Dines’ TEDx Talk:
Culture Reframed: recognizing pornography as the public health crisis of the digital age)
Anti-Porn Activist Network:
Stop Patriarchy (anti porn mostly, pro abortion too):
How Prostitution and All Sex Trafficking Hurts Women and Girls:
Melissa Farley, “Slavery and Prostitution: A Twenty-First-Century Abolitionist Perspective”:
Other research and writing by Melissa Farley:
Nordic Model Now: Movement for the Abolition of Prostitution:
Nordic Model Now: Survivors’ Testimony:
Rebecca Mott: Exited Woman’s Exploration:
Coalition Against Trafficking in Women:
End Demand for Sexual Exploitation:
Prostitution Research and Education:
Collection of Resources About Prostitution:
SPACE: Survivors of Prostitution-Abuse Calling for Enlightenment:
Abolishing Prostitution: A Feminist Human Rights Treaty by Kathleen Barry:
Legalising prostitution is not the answer by Julie Bindel:
Ending the Demand Side of Prostitution by Rachel Durchslag:
Why the game’s up for Sweden’s sex trade by Joan Smith:
Can’t Buy Me Love by Nina Burleigh:
Speaking of Prostitution:
Debunking the Myths: Why Legalising Prostitution Is a Terrible Idea, by Jacqui Hunt:
The Myths of Bedford v. Canada: Why decriminalizing prostitution won’t help:
Criminalize Only the Buying of Sex:
Legalizing prostitution increases human trafficking:
Rape and Other Violence Against Women:
National Sexual Violence Resource Center:
National Sexual Assault Conference:
National Coalition Against Domestic Violence:
Website of Prof. Diana Russell, Academic Expert on empirical study of sexual violence against women:
Allowing Men Into Women’s Shelters:
Statistics on Women Murdered by Men: Also see Facebook page at
Women Means Something violence database:
Alice Miller, Breaking Down the Wall of Silence: The Liberating Experience of Facing Painful Truth:
Dignity: A Journal on Sexual Exploitation and Violence:
Sexual Harassment:
From Lying to Leering: Rebecca Solnit on Donald Trump’s fear of women:
Female ejaculation comes in two forms, scientists find:
Karen Kaplan, There’s No Such Thing as a “Male Brain” or “Female Brain,” and Scientists Have The Scans to Prove It:
Sex beyond the genitalia: The human brain mosaic:
A meta-analysis of sex differences in human brain structure:
Do trans- kids stay trans- when they grow up?:
Male-Pattern Sexuality in Transwomen in Ontario Study:
Anne A. Lawrence, Autogynephilia and the Typology of Male-to-Female Transsexualism:
Legal Sources:
Gender Identity Watch:
Gender Critical Blogs, Websites, and YouTube channels:
Gender Critical: (constantly updated digest of gender-critical blogs)
Gender Trender:
Critiquing Transgender Doctrine & Gender Identity Politics: Over 400 curated links to blog posts and online articles that question and critique transgender doctrine, genderist dogma, and gender identity politics: (This is a huge, meaty compendium).
4thWaveNow: A community of parents & friends skeptical of the « transgender child/teen » trend,
Transgender Trend: Parents Questioning the Trans Narrative:
YouTube channel of Peachyoghurt, a gender abolitionist:
The Dirt From Dirt:
Youth Gender Professionals: A community of professionals thinking critically about the youth transgender movement: psychologists, social workers, doctors, medical ethicists, and academics,
Gender Critical Reddit:
Elizabeth Hungerford,
Peak Trans narratives:
The Cotton Ceiling:
Reasonable Viewpoints on Gender from Outside of Radical Feminism:
The Federalist, (The Federalist regularly publishes pieces on transgenderism)
Adolph Reed, From Jenner to Dolezal: One Trans Good, the Other Not So Much:
Hands Across the Aisle:
Experiences of Women who have “Transitioned” to Being “Men”:
Experienced increased male privilege:
Truth About Transition: Curated collection of blog posts by FTMs, including many with medical problems resulting from testosterone and multiple surgeries:
Accounts by Women Who Have Detransitioned:
Blood and Visions: Reconciling with Being Female by Autotomous Womyn’s Press:
Cari Stella’s You Tube Channel:
Carey Callahan’s You Tube Channel:
Dylan C’s You Tube Channel:
Words by Maria Catt: Memoirs and fiction from a detransitioned writer:
Third Way Trans: Alternate ways to think about gender dysphoria, gender identity, retransition, detransition and transgender issues from a former trans woman and psychology grad student:
This Soft Space:
Crash ChaosCats:
Crash ChaosCats’ YouTube Channel:
Jaren’s YouTube Channel:
Redress Alert:
Accounts by Men Who Have Detransitioned Or Regret Transitioning:
Gender-Critical Transpeople:
Third Way Trans:
Miranda Yardley:
Burning From The Inside (Tumblr blog of Miranda Yardley);
Gender Apostates:
Examples of Indoctrination, Threats, Harassment, and Violence by Transpeople (mostly MtT’s) and By Men Dressed as Women:
Transgender Reality: What Trans People Are Really Saying Online:
TERF is a Slur:
Woman Means Something:
This Never Happens (archive for articles related to violent and sexual crimes committed by males who are posing as or claiming to be women):
LGBT Media Ignores Case of Transgender Who Killed Lesbian Couple and Son:
The Politics of Gender:
Article about misrepresentation of murder rates of trans people:

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