In Charlie Hebdo magazine, Editor Gérard Biard takes on the misogynist transactivist lobby

Une fois n’est pas coutume, c’est vers l’anglais que Ann Leduc de TRADFEM a traduit un texte roboratif sur le lobby transactiviste du rédacteur-en-chef de Charlie Hebdo, Gérard Biard.

Under the guise of a wholly imaginary ‘transphobia’ in this precise case, some feminists – pejoratively called ‘Terfs’, for 
trans-exclusionary radical feminist – are regularly insulted, harassed and threatened by activists acting like warriors on a rampage. This has led J. K. Rowling, the writer, to find herself in the middle of an absurd controversy for having said that someone who has her periods is called a woman….

Granted, all this has much to do with the over-the-top navel gazing and individualism – not to say egotism – that now guide many previously universal causes. Equality for all has become equality for myself. But when one is already a ‘white cis dominant male‘, to use the currently fashionable moniker, one can’t avoid recognizing a few shortcomings typical of the patronizing dude, such as an insistence on monopolizing the conversation, speaking in the name of others, summarily rejecting anything contradictory. It appears some features of masculinity prove resistant to all hormonal or surgical treatments. Moreover, curiously, we did not hear much of 
women in transition demanding the right to undress in the men’s locker rooms, or lift weights in the male sporting contests.

 From that standpoint, left-wing activism has not evolved much since 1968. It still harbours the bad habit of insisting it must invade the girl’s’ dormitory, and call them uppity when they object.

Gérard Biard

Original version:

Copyright : Gérard Biard / Charlie hebdo


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