TOKYO 2020 – Lettre ouverte de l’entraîneuse canadienne Linda Spenst-Blade (versions ang., fr. et japonaise)

Why allow men to compete with women?

By Linda Blade, PhD, Sport Performance Professional
May 4, 2021

Dear Olympic Games Officials and people of Japan:
The modern Olympic Games was envisioned as a festival where sports competition would
remain a merit-based domain where excellence could be celebrated on a level playing field
without bias towards social rank or cultural heritage.
Unfortunately, in 2015, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) decided that the human
rights of some athletes supersede the rights of others.

Without consulting broadly or notifying many, the IOC decided that male athletes could self-
identify as women and would then be allowed to compete against female athletes.

This is outrageous and unfair!
As anyone can see from Olympic record charts, the male body has an enormous advantage over
the female body.(…)