Nobody’s « Cis »

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The whole cis project collapses at this point, and so does the trans project. It’s not popular to say so, but where this leaves us is a place where trans people are folks who just really want to be the opposite sex and be perceived by others as the opposite sex. Or if not the opposite sex, then some hybrid or imaginary sex other than the one they were born to. No universal inner truth. No mystical essence. Just a heartfelt wish, one that requires our sympathy, if not our agreement that it can be realized.(…) »

A Name Of One’s Own – Or How Women Became the Second Sex of the Second Sex –

« The bottom line here is that if you don’t agree with sex being a state of mind, you are infringing on people’s right to exist. Sorry, but this doesn’t make sense. It goes without saying that transgender people deserve respect, human rights and an end to violence and discrimination. But this does not mean that being born female and feeling like a woman as an adult is the same thing. »